Jacob Grossman loves any reason to dress up as the Joker. So it was only natural that for a Halloween fundraiser that would be his costume. On the eve of Halloween nearly 65 people crowded together at the Prairie House Tavern in Buffalo Grove to show their support for this young man who has a rare life threatening disease called Fanconi Anemia.

While the notion of the Joker raises images of a different kind of prankster, Jacob, 19, is known as a kind, loving person who was hugged by many at Prairie House who dined out in support of the Fanconi Anemia fundraiser. The event raised $500 for the cause but over 15 years, Alan and Rachel Grossman, Jacob’s parents, have raised $200,000.

“We chose Prairie House for our fundraiser because it’s like having a party at home without the mess. It’s a relaxing environment in a renovated Buffalo Grove bungalow style home where you can come dressed in jeans or lounge clothes. The food is fantastic but reasonably priced,” Rachel grossman said.

The Journey with Jacob began for the Grossmans when they soon learned after Jacob’s birth that he was born with a rare life threatening disease called Fanconi Anemia. This disease is a rare genetic life threatening disease that results in leukemia or bone marrow failure.

“Jacob has an amazing spirit that touches so many lives. It is only natural people want to support him in every way possible,” Rachel said.

“Prairie House is the community’s adopted home. We grew up in the area, raised our children here, and have many wonderful memories shared with caring people in this area. Praire House is home to families who drop in for great conversation, a ball game and a beer, and homestyle food served up in an upbeat friendly environment. Prairie House supports any charity, fundraiser, and life event for all,” said Tara Joseph, who owns the establishment with husband, Josh.